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The Economics Of Sex

Marriage rates have hit an all time low.

The annual revenue of the dating industry is at an all time high - $1bn+

This video explores how this entire situation came to be…the contraceptive pill and it’s unintentional (but massive) impact on modern relationships.

If sex no longer leads to babies, that means marriage is optional, resulting in a significant gender split in the supply and demand of the ‘mating market’.

More men are looking for casual sex - they can be picky and insist on extensive sexual experience before committing (i.e. maximising rewards whilst investing fewer resources). 

Women are are looking for commitment - they are time sensitive and therefore the solidarity women once felts towards each other in the ‘mating market’ has dissolved, leading to high competition and lowered values.

In summary, the market value of sex has declined and right now, there’s not much we can do about it.