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As a reader, I was always more inspired by Hermione’s teenage political activism than I was intrigued by who at Hogwarts was snogging whom. This is not to argue that her romantic life wasn’t pertinent; but what set Hermione apart from so many of the heroines offered to girls and young women in the late 1990s and the first decade of this millennium was that she was a student and friend first, and a love interest second. She was at school to learn, not to flirt with boys. She was friends with Harry and Ron because she liked them, not because she secretly wanted to date them. And when she did get romantically entangled for the first time — when she hit it off with a visiting student from a rival school — it was with a boy she met in the library.

Harry’s still Potter-ing around, but Hermione is my true hero: Reuters, July 2014