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Awesome magical selfies

So here’s something awesome: 26-year-old Helene Meldahl is bringing Martha Stewart-level crafts straight to a smartphone near you. Though we’re all well-acquainted with the sometimes-diabolical selfie, Meldahl’s personal pics depict a magical universe rarely seen in a sea of Instagram faces. This lady doodles elaborate background set-pieces in the mirror before she snaps a shot.

Meldahl told MyModernNet that her selfies can take up to thirty minutes to concoct, and her favorite materials to use are “either chalk or acrylic markers.” Of her method, she says, “for me it kind of comes natural to draw.” 

You can find more of the mastermind’s masterpieces @mirrorsme, where a year’s worth of the Norwegian photographer’s imaginative doodles come to life. No filter needed.

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