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Boy Uses Lemonade Stand Profits To Donate 330 Wheelchairs To Developing Countries

A child normally starts a lemonade stand for the sole purpose of selling lemonade, and maybe uses the extra change to buy a new video game or something.

Zack Francom, 11, did something a bit different with his lemonade stand. Over the course of 4 years, he raised enough money to buy 332 wheelchairs for people in developing countries.

“Zack’s Shack,” as he calls it, runs over one weekend once a year in Provo, Utah. The stand sells cookies for $1 and lemonade for $.50 per cup. The money raised goes to LDS Philanthropies, the charitable aspect of the Mormon church.

The organization donates wheelchairs to over 55 developing countries where a wheelchair could cost over a year’s salary.

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