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Bad Looking Fruit Is Just As Delicious: These Posters Celebrate Imperfect Produce

America wastes a staggering 141 trillion calories of food each year, according to a recent U.S. Department of Agriculture study. That’s 1,249 calories per person per day, or 31% of the total food supply.

How is that possible? Well, some of that is food that we throw away at home. Some of it gets ruined by mold or bugs. Some bruises during transport or storage. But other food is discarded for a silly reason: because it’s deemed unattractive and unworthy, or not what fruits and vegetables are supposed to look like.

To point out the absurdity of throwing away food for aesthetic reasons, photographer Patrice de Villiers created some posters. They show various misshapen fruits & vegetables with messages like “Ugly Potato—Voted Miss Purée 2013,″ “The Ugly Carrot—In a Soup Who Cares?” and “The Failed Lemon—From the Creator of the Lemon.”

The images were commissioned by Intermarché, the third-largest grocer in France. It used them for its “Inglorious Fruits & Vegetables” campaign, which offered discounts for specimens that would normally be thrown away.

NB - In fact, Intermarché only gave discounts at a few stores in a single French town, and only for a two-day period.