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Innovating For A Better World: Woman Transforms Bus Into Shower Hub For Homeless People

LavaMae is a new non-profit organization that transforms unused, old city buses into fully functioning showers for homeless people to use.

LavaMae is a play on the phrase “lavame,” which means “wash me” in Spanish.

Founder Doniece Sandoval believes that everybody has a right to be clean, referencing San Francisco’s 6,436 homeless residents who only have seven options of where to shower in the city.

Each bus has two individual shower pods equipped with a shower, a toilet, a sink, and a space to temporarily store items.

Currently, 30 people will be allowed to shower per day, but once the other buses are up and running, Sandoval estimates that 2,000 showers could be provided per week.

She’s aware that showers won’t end homelessness.

What she does believe in, though, is dignity: “What we are about is providing hygiene, because we believe that hygiene brings dignity and dignity opens up opportunity.”

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