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Powerful Ad Shows What Makeup Really Can Do

Beauty advertisements tend to be aspirational at best and wildly unrealistic at worst, implying that their products aren’t just products, but magical potions designed to make you the prettiest princess at the ballimprove your love life, and keep you young forever and ever and ever.

Now, amazingly enough, a new pair of videos by Dermablend (a brand of foundation known for its heavy-duty coverage) refuses to pretend that foundation is anything but practical, dot-it-on-your-face-and-blend makeup, and the result is incredibly moving.

What’s especially amazing about these ads is that they don’t bother engaging in any sort of shallowly empowering dialogue about beauty. They don’t try to turn makeup into something it’s not. (What makeup is: ”cosmetics such as lipstick or powder applied to the face, used to enhance or alter the appearance.” What makeup is not: fairy dust, essence of happiness, the Fountain of Youth.) 

These ads are extraordinarily straightforward about the ultimate function of foundation: to cover. To create an even — wait for it — foundation.It’s practical. It’s paint.

And for Cassandra and Cheri, this simple, utilitarian product is a literal means to a better day-to-day life. 

What Cassandra and Cheri seem to be saying is that the “real them” is them, their entire personhood,and not simply their faces.

Makeup is not the real you, nor is it out to destroy the real you. It’s just makeup. It’s okay to cover up.