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Offensive Veet Ad Shows Exactly Why Shaming Women Won’t Make Them Buy Your Products

Hair removal company Veet has attained a trifecta of offensiveness with their new ad campaign “Don’t Risk Dudeness,” which manages to be sexist, homophobic and transphobic in 30 seconds flat.

The spot opens with a man lying in bed, reaching out to caress what he thinks will be his girlfriend’s baby-smooth leg. Alas, she has literally transformed into a big, hairy dude overnight because she went one day (one day!) without shaving. Hate it when that happens.

Said dude, who is dressed in a pink tank top and still has a girl’s voice (because men displaying any femininity is hilarious), says sheepishly, “Yeah, I know, I’m a little prickly. I shaved yesterday!” The ad then closes with the tagline, “Don’t risk dudeness! Veet Wax Strips: Feel womanly around the clock.” 

Nothing like a little body shaming to make a gal never want to buy a Veet product again.

Marketers regularly pray on women’s insecurity to sell them beauty products, but this is ridiculous. For one thing, showing two men in a bed together for laughs is a tired, homophobic joke. Even worse, equating body hair with “dudeness” (plus poking fun at a guy in a cami) is more than a little transphobic. Last time I checked, waxing doesn’t make you a girl, and going natural doesn’t make you a guy. In the words of India Arie, we are not our hair.

Besides, if a guy ever were to shame a woman he’s in bed with for having stubble (something I highly doubt happens all that often anyways), he doesn’t deserve an apology. He deserves to get kicked out of bed.

Via PolicyMIC