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The word “bossy” carries an overtly negative connotation that is almost exclusively applied to women in leadership roles.

A man is a “boss” while a woman is “bossy.”

With hopes to curb the use of this word and empower young women, Sheryl Sandberg, along with former secretary of state Condoleezza Rice and CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA Anna Maria Chávez, have teamed up to launch a public service campaign called “Ban BOSSY.”

In a round-table cover story, Parade sat down with three of the country’s most influential women to discuss the negative “bossy” label and how it too often discourages young women from speaking up.

“Women still represent only 5 percent of Fortune 500 CEOs. And more worrisome is that the number has been stagnant for a decade,” Sandberg told Parade.

"What hasn’t changed fast enough is our acceptance and encouragement of female leadership. That goes for all of us — parents, teachers, managers, society, everyone.”