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Coca Cola: The Chase

Coca Cola have unveiled the first part of their epic Super Bowl campaign which is a 1 minute ad entitled ‘The Chase’.

The ad follows three factions of characters – a band of Cowboys, a gang of “Badlanders” and a pack of Vegas-style Showgirls – as they chase after an elusive bottle of Coca-Cola.

Coke are asking fans to get involved to decide who will win the race by casting their vote on until February 3 as well as encouraging them to commit acts of sabotage against the other factions.

At the end of the game, the fans’ actions will determine how the storyline plays out and which one of three 30-second payoff ads will air following the final whistle of the Big Game – a first for The Coca-Cola Company.

You can watch updates in real-time about each team’s progress on Coca-Cola’s Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Plus there will be more about these fun characters on Tumblr and Instagram. And as an added perk for following along, after the winner has been crowned, you will be able to watch the two alternate endings from the teams that didn’t win.