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0 notes versus Thomas Cook

Going viral on the Internet today is an amusing story in which Lowcostholidays stuck a little dagger in Thomas Cook UK and earned a lot of goodwill.

Last November, a young man named Thomas Cook posted a comment on the travel agency Thomas Cook UK’s Facebook page that said the following:

The company apparently declined to give a free trip in a curt post. It has since erased its comment from its page.

Five days later, a representative from Lowcostholidays saw the message and decided to have a bit of fun.

A marketer at the company, Charlotte Hunt, used her personal page to send the young man a message:


It took nearly a year for the trip to actually happen, and today Thomas Cook posted an image of him happy in Paris that got up-voted to the number one most-read item on social news site Reddit within a few hours and was also a viral sensation on Twitter.


Lowcostholidays has been inundated with positive messages on its Facebook page.

Thomas Cook UK’s Facebook page, by contrast, has been getting hit with many negative comments, such as “You guys totally blew your chances in there…”

Their PR department appears to be panicking several hours into this social media storm. Its first response was to delete comments.

Whereas, at little cost, has won a trip to the front page of Reddit, a US-based site that had 42.9 million unique visitors in August.


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