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We believe the best way to build a brand is to be indispensable to some people, rather than try to appeal to everyone. The business model aligned with that mission is a subscription business where our only incentive is to write articles our customers want so badly they are willing to pay for them.
Jessica Lessin. “The future of news: know thy audience” (via peterspear)

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Consent Panties

An interesting new KickStarter project from 22-year-old student, Amulya Sanagavarapu who is in her last semester at the University of Warerloo has raised over $25k to date.

Her belief is that we can “leverage the consumerist aspect of society to create social change and sell products that target sexism to promote gender equality”

So she’s created a range of panties and mens boxers which replace the normal slogans you might see, such as’ sexy’ or ‘flirty’ with empowering conversation-starters such as ‘consent’, ‘only yes means yes’ and ‘#dontbethatguy’

She goes on to say “our designs aren’t meant to speak for the wearer, and they won’t stop serial rapists, but they may serve as sort of a fun way to initiate conversations about boundaries and what each person is or is not comfortable with. The main goal is to help shift the culture from one that encourages sexual objectification to one that promotes consent education.”


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'The difference in the U.S. is stark, and many American companies celebrate overwork as a sign of commitment. “You have to put in the hours” is the message in the mistaken belief that the more hours you work, the more work you get done. We call this “The Cult of Overwork.” Danish companies, on the other hand, recognize that employees also have a life outside of work and that working 80 hours a week is bad for both employees and the bottom line.'

5 Simple Office Policies That Make Danish Workers Way More Happy Than Americans